About Ade Carr

My name is Ade Carr I was born in Chester in 1954 and my star sign is Libra.

We lived in a Council House for the first few years of my life as my Parents were not very well off, but they still managed to encourage my love of Music.

Music has always been my greatest love but I’m also a keen biker, and I am the proud owner of a Harley, so when I‘m not recording I am out on the open roads. I find that riding also gives me time to think of new ideas for songs.

I have been married to my wife Carol for 27yrs and we have a daughter called Rachael who is 20yrs old.

I had my first Drum kit when I was 5yrs old and my first Guitar when I was 8. In my early years I was very much influenced by the Beatles and the Mersey Sounds and later by the Eagles.

I am a self taught Musician/Songwriter and write all my own material now and play all the instruments, I also do the lead and backing vocals.

I’ve played the club circuit in various bands, 69 Hertz and Crossfire to name but a few, playing 60’s to Rock. At the moment I’m writing new songs, which is very time consuming but I love it. I write and record in a small box bedroom, which is a bit cramped but its fine really.

There are to many artists to name that have influenced my music over the years, because I love all types of music. I don’t think I will ever stop writing and recording songs and I would like to thank Tracy Clark and Bob Birch of the great Venture Radio for playing them.