About Orly Vardy


I started to sing from the age of 10 months old – My Mother had found me singing a famous Hebrew song and she knew that I would one day become a singer. At the age of 12 I started to take vocal lessons taught by some of the greatest teachers here in Israel. I have a Soprano singing voice. I am known in Israel as "The singer with the gentle voice”. I am involved with a large recording studio here in Israel called "Agasim Sound Studio” which is run by the musician Ofer Hamerman & his partner Golan Shachar and they are also co-owners of the first Israeli internet TV channel known as “Clip TV”. I have released 3 CDs with all original songs in Hebrew & I also have several original songs in English all with the music production by the musician and composer Ofer Hamerman, who is also my music manager. My repertoire also includes well known songs in English and in the Hebrew languages. I regularly perform in several concert venues around Israel. I also have a number of songs that I have composed and also wrote the lyrics for a song of ours called 'I'm All Yours'. It was recognized as 'an entry of merit' in the 2003 Unisong international competition in the U.S.A. Another song that I wrote the lyrics for called "Keep on moving”, with music composed by Ofer Hamerman, was chosen as one of the top 20 songs in the Dance/Electronic song category in the 2005-2006 “Unisong” international competition in the U.S.A. I have also performed a number of concerts in France, at Toulouse, Marseille & Nice which were very successful. I was interviewed there by a popular French radio station after which they played an original song of mine on air. I have also been interviewed by a popular music station here in Israel after which they also broadcasted a number of my songs. I have performed on a Russian entertainment TV show & also here in Israel on a culture TV program. At present, I am planning to release new music video clips in the Hebrew language that will be broadcast on the main Israeli TV music channel as well as on the “Clip TV” internet channel.

Orly Vardy - Only You Can / The Paparazzi song from OrlyVardy on Vimeo.